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Welcome! We specialise in graphic and multimedia communication of scientific knowledge, with an emphasis on clarity, durability over time, and respect for the audience.

For scientists who maintain a primary focus of understanding nature on behalf of the public, our services can help you record your work in ways that allow its real significance to be understood, benefitting society into the future. We can represent your theoretical concept in graphical form, present a narrative through multimedia, or any number of other forms of communication, and we’ll engage with passion in any project together. We are always looking for projects, including donating time to those of outstanding impact. Ask us anything and we'll get back to you promptly with an answer.

For fans and critics of science alike, our Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts provide places to follow along if you’re interested. Here, we present our work with contemporary scientists, as well as our own projects describing the state of understanding from fields in biology, and the operation of research science in academic and government bureaucracies. We appreciate your engagement, including critical feedback, since it all helps us understand as many perspectives as we can. Let’s take care of each other out there in the world.