Four panel cartoon of different gut developmental and inflammation states, including microbial contributions

About as much morphological and mechanistic detail as can be squeezed in before the message becomes lost.

Diagram of signalling during EPEC infection, on basic representation of cellular morphology

While we clearly prioritise client desires, we use the Systems Biology Graphical Notation standard to facilitate machine readability, and thereby long term dissemination of the encoded information.

Three part figure of ideaograms from Circos showing collaborative interactions between grant co-applicants

Circular layouts of information like these made in Circos can be efficient in showing interactions, as well as the more familiar use displaying genomic features.

Table listing common microflora components during human infant development, and showing quantitative information in the form of circles where possible

A modest restructure and some colour can make tabulated data more attention grabbing. Don't hide your data in familiarity.

Horizontal bar graph showing commute time comparison between different vehicle types

Simpler than a typical bar graph by removing common elements that don't contribute information, and at least as easy to interpret. It doesn't take much to stand out from the crowd when the variance is miniscule. Originally published on

Cartoon showing assembly of Type III secretion system

Our knowledge and understanding of molecular cell biology concepts from 20 years in academic research labs means we're likely to pick up the details of your work quickly.