About Hypothesis Media

Our mission is to facilitate more effective dissemination of the knowledge and understanding gained through science. In simple terms, what we offer clients through our work in graphic design is effective communication for a specific, intended purpose. Projects are defined based on that purpose, to facilitate a successful grant application or a manuscript to be accepted, and leverage our experience with those processes and our understanding of the audience. We are familiar with what audiences expect, and aim to provide visuals that are out of the ordinary in terms of expectations, clarity and aesthetic.

A big aspect of our mission is maintaining an actively long term perspective of knowledge and understanding. While not all design projects have a scope that extends significantly into the future, many do and we consider the recording of this information in a form that endures to be central. Information that is inaccessible because it's communication has somehow expired, or is privileged to only a paying subset of the population, is a tragedy. Communication of information is a pillar of civilisation, and we think it should consciously valued as such.

Lastly, we should introduce ourselves. Hypothesis Media is currently run as a partnership between Nat F. Brown and Lindsay D. Rogers. Nat's research focus was in bacterial genomics and pathogenesis of infenctious disease, while Lindsay's was in proteomics of mammalian systems.